Resources – Central New York

Resources – Central New York

Susan G. Komen® CNY is the local source for funding breast cancer detection, support and educational awareness in CNY Counties. Komen CNY is investing more than $344,782.00 in education, diagnosis, treatment and support programs that serve uninsured or underinsured CNY counties residents. To learn more about how these programs and services are selected for funding by Komen CNY click here.

2013-2014 Komen CNYCommunity Grant Recipients

Arise, Inc. $36,333.00
ARISE’s Breast Health Awareness Outreach & Education project is designed to reach underserved and uninsured women, with particular attention to the African American, Latina, and Native American populations and women with disabilities, a population that is frequently a sub group of underserved populations since many women with disabilities face additional barriers to services. Key activities include increasing public awareness through culturally competent Outreach.

Carthage Area Hospital, Inc. $21,350.00
CAH will provide creative outreach programming to address the challenges facing underserved populations in areas of breast cancer awareness, the importance of early detection, obtaining appropriate screenings and accessing affordable services. Outreach programming will target pockets of rural underserved & high risk populations ranging from our aging population to college students and our Fort Drum military families.

Crouse Hospital $48,700.00
To increase the number of women who get tested for breast cancer, Crouse will work to lessen the impact of the barriers of poverty and lack of education/access to healthcare through outreach to the community and Breast Health Center programs. The overarching goal of this project is to insure that all women, including 30 to 40 year old women, from the county of Onondaga receive mammography screening as well as a follow up appointment with a MD, PA or ANP if an abnormality or problem is detected. This program will provide education and outreach.

Oneida County Cancer Services Program $40,425.00
The Cancer Services Program of Oneida, Herkimer and Madison Counties (CSP), through the Oneida County Health Department will make screening mammograms available monthly to women of the Oneida Indian Nation, offer education/awareness and screening opportunities to women in the rural, western part of Oneida County, and provide screening and diagnostic breast health services to underserved women who are not otherwise eligible for CSP services. Additionally, navigation, supportive and side-effect management services will be provided to women who are diagnosed.

Onondaga County Health Department $50,000.00
This proposal has identified Onondaga County urban African American (AA) women; Onondaga and Oneida Nation women; and uninsured women as at-risk groups. The purpose of this program is to educate these groups on the importance of routine breast cancer screening for the early detection of breast cancer and to provide access to health care systems that will result in these women obtaining routine screenings.

Oswego County Opportunities, Inc. $37,775.00
The purpose of OCO’s Breast Health and Cancer Services Partnership Program is to reduce the fear of mammography, address the lack of knowledge about the importance of breast cancer screening and increase the awareness of free screening programs available to the rural women and men in Oswego County with a focus on uninsured or underinsured, under or unemployed women. Services are designed to help patients navigate the continuum of care to insure that they are screened, assist those with positive screening findings and receive the appropriate follow-up diagnostic and treatment services.

St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center Lymphedema Program $30,199.00
Lymphedema, a side-effect of breast cancer treatment, has no known cure. However, prevention, early intervention and management allow most to return to a normal active life. St. Joseph’s LEAP from Stage 0 program increases awareness and provides education and treatment for lymphedema occurring due to breast cancer. St. Joseph’s will educate providers treating lymphedema patients, offering tools to make treatment accessible to their patients. LEAP from Stage 0 will provide treatment for breast cancer patients including subclinical diagnosis through pre-operative baseline measures, bandages/garments, self-management techniques, rehabilitative exercise and educational materials/classes.

University of Rochester – Cancer Services Program $50,000.00
The Cancer Services Program of Monroe County (CSP-MC) is the only comprehensive cancer prevention program in Monroe County focused on breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings. The CSP-MC proposes the Breast Health Outreach Project (BHOP) to reach women in priority areas of Monroe County, ages 40 and older, at average or increased risk for breast cancer, and women under age 40 with increased risk of breast cancer. The BHOP aims to extend breast cancer screening services to young women who do not qualify for the CSP-MC services based on age, lack of family history, or financial situation; provide funding for Clinical Breast Exams (CBE) for women under age 40 with an increased risk of breast cancer due to a family history or a clinically significant finding; allow CSP-MC to educate young women, regardless of insurance status; and reach women in suburban and rural areas who experience a barrier to care due to lack of health insurance or awareness of available service

University of Rochester -Highland Hospital Imaging Center $30,000.00
The Highland Hospital Breast Imaging Center Clinic-Based Breast Cancer Outreach Program promotes awareness about self-check and to provide clinical exams, mammography and supportive services among poor and medically underserved women and men in Rochester and Monroe County.




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