Research Programs

Did you know that every major advance in the fight against breast cancer has been touched by Susan G. Komen®?  That we’ve provided more money for breast cancer research and community health programs than any entity besides the U.S. government?

Komen’s bold goal is to “reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths by 50% within the next decade.”

Komen’s commitment to supporting life-saving research has never been stronger. Building on 27 years of funding research to find the causes and cures of breast cancer, Komen continues its important new focus on research that will speed the translation of discoveries into reductions in breast cancer mortality and/or incidence within the next decade and on addressing disparities in breast cancer across populations.

A minimum of 25 percent of the net income from each Affiliate supports the Komen Research, Evaluation and Scientific Program, which funds groundbreaking breast cancer research, meritorious awards and educational and scientific conferences around the world.


Information About National Research Programs

We have made a promise to end breast cancer forever – investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer is a critical part of this promise.   Click here to read more about some that are fulfilling this promise.


National Research Re-Invested into Our Upstate Affiliate

Since 2001, OVER $12 MILLION in national Komen research funding has been awarded brought back into the communities we serve.

Recent funding awarded includes Roswell Park Comprehensive Care Center. In 2018 Subhamoy Dasgupta, Ph.D. received a $450,000 national Komen grant toward work to determine if blocking a protein will increase the effectiveness of current breast cancer treatments.

In 2017, Jun Zia, Ph.D, with The Research Foundation for SUNY on behalf of the University at Buffalo, received a $450,000 national Komen grant to develop new screening technology for women with dense breast tissue.

Your donations support this funding! Learn more about Komen funded projects within our Affiliate…