NEWS RELEASE_Komen Upstate New York Applauds Expanded Breast Cancer Screening

Komen commends Gov. Andrew Cuomo for signing ‘Shannon’s Law,’ expanding coverage of medically necessary mammograms for those age 35-39

Buffalo, NY (August 8, 2019) –  Susan G. Komen® Upstate New York celebrates the signing into law of NY S.3852A | A.06731C,  also known as “Shannon’s Law.” The law expands coverage of annual, medically necessary mammograms for persons age 35-39 who are enrolled in large group insurance plans that provide coverage for hospital, surgical or medical care.

“First and foremost, we want to thank the family and loved ones of Shannon Saturno for their tireless efforts to expand screening measures statewide,” said Andrea Moran, Senior Director of Communication and Community Relations with Komen Upstate New York. “The loss of their loved one to breast cancer is unacceptable. We wholeheartedly commend them for working so diligently to save countless lives of future young women, and men, across New York State for years to come.”

Over 12,000 women age 30-40 are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Currently, New York State Law, enacted in 2017 as part of the “Get Screened, No Excuses” initiative,  mandates that insurance companies cover a single, base-line mammogram for women ages 35-39, with yearly mammograms beginning at age 40.

“Early detection of breast cancer can literally mean the difference between life and death,” stated Moran. “We are in full support of expanded access to screening and diagnostic coverage when it’s deemed medically necessary. There is often a misconception that breast cancer only affects middle-aged and older women, and that is simply not the case.”

Susan G. Komen® believes all women should have access to regular screening mammograms when they and their health care providers decide it is best based on their personal risk of breast cancer. Women, and men, should make breast health and screening a regular topic of conversation with their physician, even at younger ages.

Shannon’s Law, signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on August 5, 2019, is named in honor of Shannon Saturno of Babylon, Long Island, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 28 while pregnant. She lost her battle in 2016, at age 32. Efforts for the expanded legislation were lead by Senator Monica Martinez and Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre, both of Suffolk County.

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